This is definitely a country one has to tour at least once in their lifetime. Tracking the magnificent mountain gorillas through the lush slopes of the Virungas remains without a question the most thrilling and moving wildlife experience to be had on the world’s wildest continent. After decades of careless human activities on this planet including wars and destruction of the environment, many creatures have succumbed and become extinct. Some, like the dinosaurs are today popular stars in horror films and children’s stories although they are known to us only by the fossils they left on earth – only their fossils.

The damage today is so extensive that even with the efforts conservationists are putting in to protect the ecosystems and the creatures of this world, some species are still faced with the dreadful reality of being near extinct. One such species is man’s own very close relatives – the mountain Gorillas.

One of the last remaining populations of mountain Gorillas inhabit the mountainous region around lake Kivu in Rwanda. Here, it is possible to observe these remarkable creatures in their natural habitat.

The tracking may take up to 2 to 4 hours in the rain forest area however, a close-up view of these gentle giants feeding and grooming each other, is a just reward for the effort.

We would be doing a great injustice to Rwanda if we don’t highlight the beauty of its landscape and people. Rwanda is a green country and within its borders sit 1000 hills, thick rain forests, beautiful lakes and volcanoes. All these combined with the main attraction of Gorilla tracking make Rwanda the number one destination for the informed tourist of today.

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