Company Profile

Jambo Travel House is a tour company registered under the laws of Kenya (East Africa). At the inception of Jambo Travel House, we committed ourselves to build a company based on ecotourism enhanced by quality service, integrity and sound business ethics, thus enabling us to become one of the leading African - inbound Internet-based Tour Operator's.

Jambo Travel house Safaris Ltd is a fully in co-operated company with the head office in Nairobi and a Marketing office in Oslo. We have been in operation for 20 years offering tourism related services. From humble beginnings we have grown to be a reputable company not only in Kenya but also East Africa. Jambo Travel house is owned by 3 directors. Two are Norwegian Nationals and a Kenyan who oversees operations in Africa. All the directors posses an extensive background in the tour industry and therefore you can be assured of a professional Services. We do have two offices in Kenya at the moment, In Nairobi and Mombasa. In Tanzania we have branch office in Arusha. This has enabled us to offer our services effectively all over east Africa with ease.

Our Products

We at Jambo Travelhouse believe that every client has a place with us. We cater for all clients irrespective of class, and at the same time guarantee you value for your money. From the most exclusive itinerary to basic camping, we have a dedicated staff who are willing and able to go the extra mile if that means putting a smile on our clients.

We understand that no two clients have similar needs, and that is why we tailor our programmes to suit even the most discerning traveler. We pride ourselves on our product knowledge, mention any East African destination and we will get you there in no time.

We have spent a lot of resources training our staff to help serve you better! Our products are structured into, basic camping, overland camping; lodge/camp safaris and exclusive safaris. We do also arrange for beach stays as well as the family safaris.

Our product department constantly comes up with new products to satisfy the dynamic needs of the modern traveler.

Our Clients

Our clients are of varied nationalities, namely; British, Americans, French, Scandinavians, Polish, German as well as Russian. This diversity in cultures, has given us challenges that we have been more than happy to overcome. Since our sales office is based in Europe, 75% of our clientele are from Scandinavia.

Jambo Travelhouse is quickly expanding with recently having done a major promot ion in Asia targeting the Chinese as well as the Indian Market.

We are also on the lookout for the emerging markets. Our policy is to diversify our markets as much as possible, while taking into consideration the challenges that come with it and converting the challenges into our advantage.

We have a strong foothold in the local market and because of our service quality, both small and big operators as well as travel agents have entrusted us with their clients and we have made them grow through quality service provision.

We are different, and we know there are enough clients for all of us. Thus we do not undercut our agents or those who have a contractual agreement with us. Jambo travelhouse thrives on a reputation of quality both locally and internationally.

Why Jambo Travelhouse Safaris

Jambo Travelhouse has a team of professional staff, with a long service record. You are assured of quality service 24/7.

We have a solid financial background that guarantees you security to your money.

We own a fleet of vehicles categories, namely; Saloon cars, Vans, Mini-buses, Land cruisers and coaches. We also operate a fleet of Over landers operating from Kenya to South Africa. We value the security of our clients and that is why we have fitted all our vehicles with Long range VHF radios. That gives us the ability to communicate with all our drivers even in the remotest part of East Africa.

Our Nairobi office which acts as a hub to our East African operations trained office personnel coupled with professional drivers and guides that over time have been molded to provide first class service.

We guarantee responses within 24 hrs to your inquiry. Our sales team is constantly busy offering the best deals to our guests and that makes us one of the most competitive travel company in East Africa.

Our Vision

From its inception, Jambo Travelhouse Safaris has had a vision. “Reigning Supreme” and that is what we have been focusing our energy on to date.

Our goal is to achieve international recognition as a tour operator providing exemplary services. We are projecting that this goal, with the help of other international operators, will be achieved in the next 5 years.

We see Jambo Travelhouse Safaris having Sales offices in strategic locations the world over. We are continually investing on our staff resource as well on other tools of trade, since its a means of achieving our primary goal.

We are aware of the challenges coming our way, but with our adaptability, our story will be a success. We know that we cannot do this alone. So lets journey together, and be part of this successful enterprise.

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